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don't let borders limit your potential

At Cross-Border HR we provide a unique range of world class managed services to help all businesses wanting to sell products or services into the HR community and additionally to put the foundations in place for overseas business growth. 


70% of overseas expansion costs relate to people. CBHR, and its partner network, therefore focus on the general business, HR, and educational aspects of overseas expansion.


vendors marketing to HR

With the ever-expanding amount of roles that HR Professionals find themselves in these days, the need for vendors selling into the HR community is expected to increase within the next couple of years.


Our goal is to provide our client vendors with a single solution to simplify market entry into the US and find new customers.  We seek to optimise the success rate of clients who sell, or want to sell, into the United States market, products and services purchased by HR, Payroll & Finance professionals; from software to outsourced solutions.o


Clients are typically European and Asian businesses of all sizes, currently operating regionally, but looking to the US. 

Our unique ExpoSpeak service showcases our client's products and services.

Our US Employee Management service helps our clients to employ US workers in a compliant manner


conference organisers

Our ExpoSpeak service will enable Conference organisers to sell more expo space while also enabling them to attract a more diverse set of vendors and conference speakers. This enables us to design global tracks at conferences.



As part of the Association’s member hotline, CHHR provides international HR advice and an affiliate finder service.



Our aim is to help you breathe a sigh of relief as you relinquish the complex minefield of international HR by outsourcing to CBHR’s overseas network. Professional human resources management is crucial to the growth of a company especially where labour legislation is complex.


Our international team includes HR and banking professionals; global expansion and mobility experts, compliance advisors, business development consultants and social media content authors. We also represent an extensive network of HR, payroll, legal and tax affiliates in over 30 countries. Our team worked extensively in Europe, Asia and the US, in both large international companies and SMEs, before coming together as Cross-Border HR. We have helped businesses expand into over 30 countries gaining a wealth of knowledge, expertise and experience. Our business has grown through working closely with both Outsourcing & HR vendors, alongside our involvement with US HR Associations and Certification Institutes at an educational level.

We’re based in the US & UK, with a presence also in the Philippines, but our experience and outlook is truly global. Our offices are located in Las Vegas, US and Birmingham, UK. These locations are the biggest conference towns in the US and UK respectively. This also fits our education model of creating recertification opportunities for conference attendees.

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