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  Exploring the US market? What better way to test the water without getting in too deep?

At the core of our proposed solution is our ExpoSpeak process which is a powerful tool for helping Global Vendors expand into the United States. It offers our clients the compelling proposition of highly sought-after speaking opportunities along with discounted expo space. Although conferences were mostly virtual during Covid-19, in-person conferences are definitely back on the agenda which is great news for North Americans who prefer to meet in person.


Conference Targeting & Return on Investment 

‘Return on investment’ data and conference testimonials allow us to effectively target conferences for our clients to optimise their success. The timeline for planning a trade show is at least 6 to 8 months to work with the conference organisers to ensure our clients have the best possible exposure, Stand, Speaker and Speaker slot to showcase their products and services. Typically, you will meet HR professionals with purchasing power at conferences with between 1,000 to 18,000 delegates. 


The available HR / Payroll conferences  for 2024 with date of presentation are listed below:

Virginia Conference & Expo . Greater Richmond Convention centre, Richmond, 22-Apr-24

Texas Payroll Conference . Grand Hyatt Riverwalk, San Antonio, TX  . 18-21 Sep-24

Northwest Conference & Expo . Oregan Convention Centre. Portland.  23-25 Sep-24

Maryland Conference & Expo . Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay Golf Resort . 6-8 Oct-24

Southwest Conference & Expo . Fort Worth Convention Centre . 13 - 16 Oct 2024

Obtaining Presentation Approval

CBHR undertake the process of gaining presentation approval on behalf of clients. The speaking opportunity, via an approved presentation, is the key, showcasing our client’s brand and driving enquirers to their Expo stand. Presentations delivered to conferences must be approved by the Conference Planning Committee and meet the certification requirements of the US Certification Institutes. We gain an understanding of our client’s products & services by reviewing their sales presentation which we then, through consultation, modify so that it offers re-certification credits for the conference audience. There are two key parts of this pre-approval process. Firstly, to ensure the presentation content has an educational theme and secondly to demonstrate the speakers ‘proof of performance’. CBHR has the tools to manage this process.


Conference diversity

With business globalisation, the Russia-Ukraine war, Brexit, and Covid-19, there is great interest from delegates at US HR conferences for global presentations. Conference organisers look to offer diversity in their choice of Expo vendors & conference speakers. CBHR talks to Conference organisers regularly, so we understand the key themes for their conferences. We know the cutting-edge issues and important conversations that are on the mind of the conference audience. Organisers come to CBHR to select vendor speakers whose topics meet the conference theme and whose products and services will be popular in the expo hall amongst HR leaders and purchasers.


ExpoSpeak Specialisms

  • Develop global business tracks at HR, Payroll & Finance conferences  

  • Secure high-level speaking engagements on global business topics at US conference events

  • Create speaking abstracts with bulleted learning objectives

  • Submit and manage abstracts on your behalf

  • Create speaker bios that resonate with conference managers

  • Advise on Proof of Performance files to include video recordings of the proposed speaker and evaluations from a program the speaker previously presented. 

  • Obtain valuable professional exposure for clients on the event website and in event marketing materials.

  • Planning a social media campaign to publicise the speaking opportunity.

  • Make appointments with media attending conference

  • Work closely with event programming department to meet all deadlines.

  • Trade Show Support offering a comprehensive array of exhibition services including shell scheme, graphics, events apps. 

ExpoSpeak Benefits

The ExpoSpeak service helps clients acquire Information to inform decisions:


Find out which US state is right for you.  For example CBHR is based in Nevada as Las Vegas is a conference town. Attending and speaking at a US trade show helps you to confirm demand by demonstrating your products or services to potential customers. This strategy confirms your place in the market and generates demand for your products or services. You mitigate expansion risks, including wasting money, by ensuring you don’t move into the US market until you have confirmed demand for your products or services.


Obtaining evaluations of your products or services from Expo attendees helps you understand the level at which customers are making purchasing decisions, identify their concerns regarding your products, services and business model, and then make required changes. In return the audience will receive re-certification credits by attending your presentation.


Attending an Expo will help you understand where your market really is and how to sell into the market, both in terms of locations and sectors. Is there a concentration of customers in a particular state? 


By participating in ExpoSpeak, you become part of an American business community, establishing a presence in an important circle of influence. Becoming a part of the community not only helps you market your company but, also helps you understand American culture.

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