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FOR HR/PAYROLL professionals

An International Service for you

Professional human resources management is crucial to the growth of a company especially where HR systems are complex. Our aim is to help you breathe a sigh of relief as you relinquish the complex minefield of international HR by outsourcing to CBHR’s overseas network of vendors. CBHR has a strong relationship with its vendor as many of our vendors use our specific vendor services (ExpoSpeak and the Employee Management service). You may have heard them speak and exhibit at a US HR conference


What CBHR Vendors can offer

They provide crucial support to foreign companies setting up outside their home country. With extensive experience of human resources management and a detailed knowledge of HR systems in their countries, they offer customized services for compliant employee management and administration. 

An appreciation of cultural differences can make a massive difference to the success of your overseas operations. By partnering with CBHR and our affiliates at the candidate offer stage, we can ensure that contractual terms make the best use of relaxed policies on overtime, termination, sick pay, etc. Beyond the candidate offer stage, we draft local contracts of employment, handbooks, intellectual property agreements, restrictive covenants, etc. always with reference to any Collective Bargaining Agreement that may apply. 

We and our partner vendors take care of your overseas employees with full payroll and human resources support:


Global payroll processing for salaried, hourly and unionized employees (with in-country expertise and providers): including payroll taxes, statutory benefits payments, associated filings, money movement, statutory benefits processing. Quarterly reconciliations of all taxes and benefits withheld. Documentation of payroll

processes, data gathering and validation,

parallel payroll processing and

go live on new systems.

hire to retire

Employment contracts, offer letters,

creating locally compliant HR policies and

procedures, employee handbooks, HR

reporting and administration.

Implementation of HRIS and payroll

systems with international functionality,

guidance on managing performance,

support with employee exits.

compensation & benefits

Social Security and supplementary

employee benefits requirements,

rewards and benefits benchmarking,

guidance on in-country benefit provision

and implementation of benefit plans, tax

efficient employee benefit solutions.

global mobility

Country-specific immigration requirements,

advice on the most appropriate entry option, managing the compilation and filing of visa and work permit applications, mandatory supporting documentation, preparation of international assignment (secondment) letters, global mobility services.

data privacy

Data privacy is a hot topic, but beyond

the newspaper headlines not many are

aware of the practical guidance and how

it applies to them. In fact, if data privacy

regulations are difficult to understand on

a local level, they get even more complicated on an international stage.

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