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us employee management

Presence in the lucrative American market effectively established.  Find and service key accounts in the US without spending money and resources on forming a US subsidiary

We generally recommend that our client use the ExpoSpeak service at three tradeshows to show they mean business in the USA. This will allow clients to compare customer acquisition levels in different states. If customer pick-up is strong, the dilemma is then maintaining relationships with both new and existing clients at a distance while crossing many time Zones. This may require a speedy entrance into the US market to quickly capitalise on the opportunity. However, when you’re expanding into the US there’s an awful lot of paperwork involved that could slow you down. 

We can help you set up quickly and effectively in the US, by hiring employees through the CBHR (US) Employee Management Service. By hiring US workers on your behalf, it takes the headache out of handling payroll, benefits, pensions and labour regulations, leaving you to manage your employees’ efforts to grow your business.  

Employment of US Staff 

We partner with a Global Employer Organisation (GEO) to offer co-employment of your US staff. The CBHR service includes:

  • Provision of company email and US phone number forwarded to employee’s mobile phone

  • Payroll, medical benefits, retirement, income tax deductions, expenses

  • Compliant leave tracking and workers’ compensation administration. 


Why use CBHR’s US Employee Management Service

  • You can on-board a chosen worker within 2 weeks.

  • You are free to focus on your US growth.

  • Your clients will have a point of contact in the US

  • You can secure the services of US workers who already have a network of prospective clients

  • You can have a presence in the US without the cost & complexity of setting up a US entity.

  • Your workers have immediate access to a benefits package


Send an expat on assignment - The benefits of an expat are that they understand your company’s rules and values ensuring high standards. Their motivation, knowledge of the business and familiarity with the culture, will enable the business to function smoothly.


Visa and global mobility services

CBHR provide the following Visa and global mobility services to facilitate sending your expat on assignment: 

  • Obtain either a blanket or individual L-1 visa (Intra company Visa)

  • Obtain an E-2 (Entrepreneur Visa) 

  • US Immigration visas, work permits, etc.​ 

  • Assignment planning with advice assignment letter drafting

  • Compensation and benefits planning in alignment with local employment terms, Cost of Living Reports, 

  • Pre-assignment home and host country tax forecasts.

  • Working through complex tax issues – including tax residency rules, the interplay of dual tax treaties

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