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Global Vendors selling  products and services to the HR/Payroll & Finance Community have much to gain from entering the American market, the world’s largest economy. Although events like the Ukraine-Russia war, Covid-19 and Brexit are threatening international trade, the US economy is renowned for re-inventing itself quicker than most. In normal times it is a 20 trillion dollars market, with the US Dollar, considered a safe currency, most used in international transactions. Global Vendors with markets slow to ramp back up after covid-19, should not miss out on their American dream due to the complexities of expanding to the USA. 


Sample of Vendors selling into US HR/Payroll professionals: 

Global Employer Organisations (GEO); Professional Employee Organisations (PEO); Recruitment Process Outsourcing Providers (RPO); Payroll Bureaus; Salary survey consultancies; Legal affiliates; Employee Benefits consultancies; Global Mobility providers; Expat & Immigration service providers; Background screening providers. We have exceptional knowledge of all the latest products & services


How we help with Business Development and Set-up

Winning those first customers and setting up a business in America can be challenging if you are not a resident of the USA. But it isn’t necessarily as difficult as it first appears.


CBHR maximises  face-to-face contact  between vendors and HR / Payroll professionals.  Conferences are the places where people trade stories about suppliers and products. Learning and listening at lunch, Vendors pick up a great deal of competitive knowledge.   Throughout the conference CBHR helps vendors to be both consultants and marketers. 

We start by understanding your current US business development strategy and any US expansion plans.  We are with you all the way, from market entry and client acquisition to set-up of your US presence, with our ExpoSpeak and Employee Management Service.


Our unique ExpoSpeak service showcases our client’s products and services. It not only allows clients to access the US market but increases early customer acquisition. 

EMPLOYEE management

Our US employee management service helps our clients to employ US workers in a compliant manner.  This helps establish a presence from which to build and grow their US businesses. 

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